Anambra election result

Anambrarians went to the surveys yesterday to choose another governor out of 37 hopefuls. For whatever is left of us, it just appears to be bizarre, in a non-race year to be at the surveys for such an imperative decision. Be that as it may, this is the thing that Nigeria gets for all the conning, fixing, decision tribunals, some grimy cops and degenerate judges doled out to discretionary tribunals without any end in sight down the line.

It is trusted that constituent changes will be embraced soon to confirm our majority rule government.

Anyway, I for one don't care for a certain something: political civil arguments. Neither does Buhari!

In any case, Anambra's was a stamped takeoff from different states (which held one by any stretch of the imagination) where the vast majority of the competitors partook. There was one, on the ticket of a 'right' gathering, yet at the same time an underdog in the race. Cool and gathered, even his name Willie appeared to be downplayed. (I am Dr. William Soromtochukwu Obiano, PhD would have been more in frame!).

Totally self-destroying, he marshaled his focuses out syllogistically, yet with such straightforwardness that inside me, I started to wish, for Anambra that he would win. My desire worked out; Willie Won!

From that point forward, news reports from Anambra show striking accomplishments up until this point. Anambrarians like Ibos significantly, are a trade people, however theft and abducting was overflowing in Anambra. Obiano's procedure on wrongdoing battling was as radical as it was hard line. Also, it worked! Presently not simply Anambra but rather the whole country is the better for it.

Prior to the current agric transformation championed by the focal APC government, Obiano was a herald in the act of boosting agric improvement.

Most charming to me is that disregarding the cold connection amongst him and his ancestor, Obiano has finished activities of the last senator, incorporating those in Peter Obi's territory.

This attribute in Willie Obiano and Nyesom Wike, Rivers State Governors is exceedingly honorable and of unique note as they are 2 Governors in this agreement whose handover was rancorous.

Obiano as I see rehearses Politics Without Bitterness. He was one of the initial couple of Governors to visit the APC President-elect Muhammadu Buhari and has been sincere with the focal government from that point forward.

For the other 2 top contenders, the APC and PDP applicants; both have received the strategy of GODFATHERISM; a mode that Anambrarians had languished under over long, with desperate outcomes. To name the adoptive parents: Arthur One – Thousand is backing the APC applicant and the PDP hopeful is connected with ex-Governor Peter Obi.

Whoever rises Anambra Governor has my all the best, however here on Princess Files we never modest far from making expectations.

For Anambra – Willie Will Win. Once more!